Luxury Boarding at Duluth Dog Depot

We invite your pet to come stay with us!

All boarding suites come with free day camp park play!

Have your pet stay the night in our luxury boarding suites! We have three sizes available, the largest of which are bedroom-sized private spaces, complete with plush bedding, electric fireplaces, and dog TV. We also have special add-on options for pets!

Royal Suites

$80/night ($70/night additional dogs)
9ft x 8ft Private Rooms

Our three Royal Suites are bedroom-sized 9ft x 8ft private rooms and contain an electric fireplace, memory foam bed, and a television for your pet's entertainment.

Deluxe Carriage Suites

$65/night ($55/night additional dogs)
7ft x 6ft Suites

Our Deluxe Suites are 7ft x 6ft with privacy walls, natural lighting, and plush bedding. They are plenty large enough for a whole family of dogs!

First Class Suites

$55/night ($45/night additional dogs)
6ft x 4ft Suites

Our First Class Suites are 6ft x 4ft with privacy walls and plush bedding - perfect for a large dog or a family of smaller dogs!


  • Bells and Whistles Package - $24 (save $6!)
    Includes Video Updates, a Cuddle Session, a Kong toy full of treats, and a Bedtime Snack
  • Full Steam Ahead Package - $16 (save $4!)
    Includes Video Updates, a Kong toy full of treats, and a Bedtime Snack
  • Streamlined Package - $9 (save $2!)
    Includes a Kong toy full of treats and a Bedtime Snack

A La Carte

  • Bedtime Snack - $5
  • Cuddle Time - $10
  • Fetch Session - $10
  • Video Updates - $9
  • Kong Toy w/Treats - $6
  • Additional Day Camp Session - $15
  • Facility Provided Meals - $3/ea

The add-on option prices are a per day charge and can be added to as many or few reservation days as you would like.

New Treat Options

Introducing new delicious treat options for our boarding guests! We’re excited to partner with Zoomiez Barkery to offer limited ingredient, allergy-friendly, homemade healthy treats that the dogs love! You can see more from Zoomiez here.

What to Expect When Boarding

Boarding Check-In

Boarding check-in is available at any time during Duluth Dog Depot’s open hours. Please call us at your arrival so that we may come retrieve your pet. To expedite your check-in, our forms are available online to fill out and bring with you, or we are happy to provide them at your arrival!

Boarding Checkout

Pet guest departures are scheduled prior to 12:00pm on the departure date (except for Sundays). If your pet needs to remain at the Depot past 12:00pm on the pickup date, we are happy to accommodate this with a $15.00 late pick-up fee. (This fee is waived if your pet is scheduled for a spa service on the day of pick-up).

Holiday Reservation Deposits

If your pet is scheduled to stay over a holiday (Spring Break, Labor Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s) a $75.00 deposit per reserved space will be due at the time of booking. This deposit will be applied to your invoice at check-out, or can be returned to the original payment method if the reservation is cancelled at least 5 days prior to the arrival date. If cancelled less than 5 days prior to arrival date, this deposit is forfeit.

What to Bring

Duluth Dog Depot provides all comforts and necessities at no charge to boarding guests, including bowls, blankets, beds, toys, and more. However, if you would like to bring something from home, we accept blankets, beds under 2.5’x4.5’ in size, and toys that are safe to leave unattended with your pet. Please do not bring bowls, rope or stuffed toys, or large, bulky bedding for your pet.


Duluth Dog Depot provides a high quality general care dry diet to boarders free of charge, but we ask that if your pet is on a special diet or has food sensitivities that you bring their own food (in labeled daily baggies if possible). We cannot accept large food bins due to space requirements.


All medications must be brought in the original labeled prescription bottle/packaging. For the safety of your pet, we cannot administer medications that are unlabeled or not in their prescription bottle.

Camp Play

All eligible boarders will participate in a free half-day of camp during each day of their stay. This chance to get out and exercise, socialize, and see friends turns boarding into a fun and exciting experience for your pup.

Forms and Requirements

Please click on the links for an online copy of our forms. These can be filled out and submitted, all online!

Vaccine and Testing Requirements

For the safety of our pet guests and campers, all dogs receiving services at Duluth Dog Depot must provide proof of the following: Rabies, Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Distemper/Parvo, and Bivalent Influenza vaccinations, as well as a negative fecal within the past 12 months. If your pet is due for these services, we are happy to coordinate with Duluth Animal Hospital to have them performed during your pet’s stay if you would like. Please speak with a staff member to schedule.

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Complete Wellness

Along with the services we provide, we partner with Duluth Animal Hospital to provide full body and mind wellness for your pet. From medical care to socialization & play to bathing, together we focus on every aspect of your dog.