Duluth Dog Depot Day Camp

The Depot Dog Park features three separate fenced yards, complete with pet turf, the best dog playground equipment available, and beautiful shade trees overhead. We host morning and afternoon sessions with our day campers and qualified boarders.

Day Camp play available Monday–Saturday

Play Options

See our July Calendar of Events

Package Options Pricing (and Savings!)

Play & Save! Full Day Half Day
5 Package Credits $130 (save $10!) $60 (save $30!)
10 Package Credits $250 (save $30!) $120 (save $60!)
Unlimited Monthly Play (Unlimited Play sessions during a 30 day period!) Special Offer
$699 $549 (save $150!)

*Package credits cannot be substituted for different options.
*Pet's must pass an interview session prior to joining day camp.

Monthly Camp Parties

There is always something fun happening at the Duluth Dog Depot! Each month, we host a themed party available to full day campers at no additional charge. Each pup participant will receive festive treats, join a fun, themed play session, have photos sent home, and more! To sign your pet up to attend a camp party, just give us a call at 770-502-6670.

Wet N' Wild Week

Throughout the warm months, Duluth Dog Depot hosts water-themed weeks designed to provide fun, cooling, and enriching experiences for campers. Although we provide pools most days during the summer, Wet N' Wild Week will also incorporate other fun water activities like water sprinklers, hoses, bubbles, and more!

Game Days

Dogs love games - it's a fact! We host sports game days featuring basketball, soccer, and football games, as well as hula hoop days, fetch days, and more. Not only are these games great exercise for the dogs, they provide interactive and challenging group fun. Be sure to check out our monthly Camp Calendar of Events to see scheduled game days!

Forms and Requirements

Please download, print, and fill out the following form in order to make your check-in process easier. Thank you!

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Complete Wellness

Along with the services we provide, we partner with Duluth Animal Hospital to provide full body and mind wellness for your pet. From medical care to socialization & play to grooming, together we focus on every aspect of your dog.